New York Bass Works is more than just a bass guitar company. We build and maintain relationships as well as the basses we lovingly place into our clients hands.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we introduce to the world, the New York Bass Works Reference Series Bass Guitars. The Ultimate Jazz Bass® Platform!

These instruments are born from one young man’s frustration with the sparse offerings of the early days of extended range basses. The Reference Series Basses are a product of one builder’s search for the ultimate in tone and playability in the Jazz Bass® platform - a platform that has endured for close to 60 years, nearly unchanged. David Segal, an avid collector, restorer, luthier, and professional bass player has had literally hundreds of these instruments under his fingertips. He is one of the few true experts when it comes to understanding what makes a great Jazz Bass® …a great Jazz Bass®. His quest for the “ultimate” in tone and playability culminated in the founding of New York Bass Works, his own guitar company in 1997.

The Reference Series Basses are instruments infused with the DNA of over 20 years of custom bass projects, complex renovations, and pain-staking repairs of nearly every brand of instrument. The empirical knowledge and raging curiosity that this professional bassist/luthier brings, is core to the understanding of how the instrument feels, responds under his fingers, through his body, amplification, and most importantly, his ears.

Not one to concentrate solely on the sound of the instrument, David has made the Jazz Bass® platform more user -friendly and more balanced, with careful consideration regarding ergonomics and construction in the Reference Series bass guitar. After all, what good is an instrument if it causes fatigue? An instrument is a natural conduit for talent, and never an encumbrance to it. An instrument should clear the way for musical statements, and not cause the player concern about how it hangs on a strap when standing, or whether or not it balances properly when sitting. All of the aesthetics that affect playability are well addressed in our basses.

These are just a few of the many considerations making up the Reference Series Basses, and we look forward to sharing more in the very near future. We are excited as we move forward with the roll out, and begin receiving feedback from our clients who anxiously await their Reference Series basses.

As always, thank you all for your continued interest and dedication over the years, we really appreciate your support!

NYBW Reference Series Basses

State Of The Art Pickups And Electronics

All New York Bass Works instruments,components and hardware are proudly made right here in the U.S.A.

The Shape Shifter Bass Preamps are now standard on all New York Bass Works instruments!


Dave’s basses are second to none. His meticulous attention to detail makes his instruments very comfortable, perfectly balanced and a joy to play. The construction is top notch and the tone is unbeatable. I am constantly being complimented on the sound and the beauty of the instruments. Besides being such a great work of art, his basses will deliver consistently show after show, I never have to worry about them delivering what I need. Simply put they are the best basses available.

Besides all that Dave is a great bassist himself, a cool guy to be around, and a joy to work with. Thanks

Mark Verdino NYC Bassist, Jersey Boys 1st National Tour.

NYBW instruments are by far the best I’ve ever played. The Cremona 5 string is my main and favorite bass. The build quality is second to none. The playability and tone inspires me to create and play like no other bass can. Intense attention to detail, from wood selection to the input jack are taken to ensure that nothing but the best is delivered. My Cremona fits in whatever musical context I find myself in. Whether I’m in the studio, or playing live, from Latin music to Gospel music, my NYBW comes with me. It’s a perfect combination of beauty and function. A bass built by a bass player, for bass players. This is my forever bass!

Josh Lozada

This NYBW is the most versatile bass that I have ever played period. When it comes to tone, intonation, action, presence, clarity, depth and consistency you can't ask for anything more. It is quite simply the best! I can’t thank David enough for taking the time to get this out to me. Part of the reason why David Segal makes the best basses is probably due to the fact that he is an amazing bassist who has the gift and skill to translate his understanding of what a bass player needs into building an instrument that feels like it is an extension of one’s self. David will go the extra mile to make sure you get the right axe, something that is a work of art and craftsmanship. It's an honor to be part of the NYBW family.

Cheikh Ndoye

"For me consistency is the key to the instruments at NYBW. Whether I am recording, playing small clubs , or touring the large halls, the consistency of tone, the accuracy of the neck, and the overall durability of the instrument speak to the superior craftsmanship at NYBW".

Gary Foote - Bassist, Producer. Blood Sweat & Tears, Apollo Theater House Band, Touring Bassist for Smokey Robinson.. Debut CD "Harlem Works."

The bass arrived safely and in one piece :-) and what can i say... i'm lacking of words. it's an awesome instrument. i felt comfortable from the first second although i've never played a 34.5" scale. it is so well balanced seated and standing it looks amazing and of course it sounds great. i had the chance to use it on a concert on friday for the first time for a kind of world music band where I'm subbing from time to time and everbody was extremly happy. the sound engineer said he had to do nothing just open the channel :-) i was using my walter woods eq flat and epifani 112 (the bass was played passive,tone control between quarter and half open) and i've been so happy on stage in every setting. i could always hear myself and i could always find a sound that fit the song. from a slow emotional ballad to funky james brown grooves. so what more can i say than thank you thank you thank
you... it was worth waiting the time...

Christian Wendt
Austria, Eu.
NYBW Fretless Cremona 5

Hey David,

There isn't much to add to what has already been said by many others. The craftsmanship and playability of this instrument is off the charts. It exudes "effortless" playing, incredible tone and versatility. While playing it, there's a constant reminder that these instruments are very special. It doesn't fight you in any way and allows you to concentrate on the music. Quite simply...Thank you! Its an honor to have worked with you on this project and a privilege to own this bass.

Best Always,


Brian Reihms
Virginia, USA
NYBW Fretless Deep Jazz 6


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