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Cheikh Ndoye

Cheikh is a bassist, composer and an accomplished musical artist whose music is a rich fusion of jazz and world music influences stemming from his West African heritage, combined with his love for classic and contemporary American jazz.

Once in while we experience the rise of an artist that in all respects seems to be ahead of his time. The depth of this kind of artistry on every level is more than evident on the debut Release of Senegalese Bassist Cheikh Ndoye. The well known term “Young Lion”, seemingly has reached even greater heights as of late by collaborating with such world renowned artist as Baaba Maal, breaking incredible ground musically at such a young age. Early in his life Cheikh played the piano, and was attracted to many of the jazz greats. His love for Jazz put him on a historical path of investigation into this genre, again at quite an early age. After listening to Weather Report’s 8:30 album, he was so captivated by Jaco Pastorius’ melodic and harmonic developments that he immediately fell in love with the bass guitar. He has played and recorded with legendary artists such as Russell Ferrante, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Karen Briggs, Tizer, Kazumi Watanabe, Dean Brown, Arshak Sirunyan and Randy Brecker a number of whom appeared on his first CD, an album entitled “A Child’s Tale”. There’s no doubt that Cheikh will be added to this prestigious and very short list of inspired artists.

Cheikh joined us in the shop this past summer for an in depth interview. Learn what makes the most exciting and versatile player in a decade, tick!

Brand New Album ” Sons of Africa” from Cheikh Ndoye NOW AVAILABLE!!!

This album takes the listener on a musical journey through jazz and traditional West African music. Recorded in Senegal, Mali, France and the United States. The music is impeccably performed by world class musicians.

Randy Brecker ” Another great CD from Cheikh Ndoye full of engaging African rhythms, melodies and sensibilities featuring outstanding work from a host of world class musicians! You’ll love this”

Russell Ferrante( The Yellow Jackets) “You’ve made a really diverse and adventurous recording! I love the fact that each tune takes the listener on a different musical journey from acoustic jazz through world music. Fusion at it’s best!

Richard Bona “Absolutely Inspirational work… By an amazing artist Sounds like true art to me”

A Child’s Tale

“Cheikh's writing is very musical and engaging and, I must say, quite mature for a debut album! He is endlessly melodic in approach and serves the music well. Both a Wonderful bass player and melodic soloist I know that we'll be hearing a lot from this phenomenal talent for years to come.” Damien Erskine

“I enjoyed being involved in this high quality music production, your music sounds great." Dave Weckl.

“It’s a great CD and an honor to have played trumpet on several of the songs” Randy Brecker